中考高分英语作文典范 第1篇

High school is regarded as the best time in a person's life. As a senior three student, it won't take long before I graduate. Now, I have much to share with my fellow students.

Firstly, I would like to show my appreciation to those standing by me all the way, teachers, parents and friends included. Without their help and advice, my life would be different. Secondly, it's high time to say sorry to classmates whom I hurt or misunderstood. Communication and smiles act as bridges to friendship. Above all, I've made up my mind to make every effort to study, for I believe hard work is the key to success. Just as the old saying goes, _no pains, no gains._

Finally I hope that all the younger fellows can make full use of time, because time and tide wait for no men.

中考高分英语作文典范 第2篇

Young university students are sensible to fashions. Some are keen on following fashions: they use mobile phones of the latest style; they wear stylish clothes; they enjoy popular music.

Some people are not happy with this phenomenon. They argue that university students should focus on studies rather than on fashions. They say fashions cost so much that university students cannot afford them. Some students follow fashions crazily, for fear of losing face. Fashions have caused much trouble on campus.

However, others may hold different opinions. They say fashions can drive students to work harder for a better life and broaden their horizons, which is essential for their future development.

I understand those students who follow fashions, but they must be responsible and not go to extremes. If their family is poor, there is no need for them to have such luxurious hobbies.

中考高分英语作文典范 第3篇

Love makes the world go around.

Love to us human is what water to shines the most beautiful light of humanity,we born in it,we live by often we take it as granted,but we should know love is a priceless gift we should how to cherish the love?I have heard a saying :the quickest way to receive love is to give it; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly the best way to keep love is to give it wings.

It is important for us to learn to love as the first class in our when you know how to love than you will be a real man in this brings us warmth in the fearful coldness,love brings us bright when life gets hard and brings us confidence toward life when we are tired out and want to give up.

Love deserves all the admiring words,and love is even beyond the life and is what love is all about in my eyes.

中考高分英语作文典范 第4篇

Different people have different opinions about what a good friend shouldbe. My classmates think that good friends are supposed to share happiness andhelp each other. However, not everyone can share sadness with you. Those peopleare not real friends.

I think good friends can consider things while standing in your shoes. Theyalso think about other people. They put other people as priority instead ofthemselves. Good friends should be honest, kind and have a sense ofresponsibility. Without honesty, people cannot trust each other and they can'tshare their deepest thoughts or secrets. Good friends should also be goodlisteners. They can hear your sadness and help you go through the bad can always trust your good friends.

In short, I think good friends should be kind and honest. They should alsobe willing to help you and share your sadness.

中考高分英语作文典范 第5篇

How time flies! We‘re just leaving you&our lovely junior high school. I have so many words from my heart to say.

Thanks, dear junior school. You‘re a beautiful and happy home for us all. I hope you‘ll be better and better. Thanks, dear teachers. You‘re taught us lot of knowledge and helped us in all ways. I‘ll remember you forever. Thanks, our staff members. You‘ve taken good care of us and helped us grow up. I hope you are happy all the time. Thanks, dear classmates.

You‘ve got on well with me just like sisters and brothers. Let‘s always keep in touch with each other.

Thanks, all my loved ones. All the best to you ! Goodbye!

中考高分英语作文典范 第6篇

Recently our class had a discussion about whether we should help students have different opinions.

Some think we should try to help strangers. Helping others is a virtue,and helping others is helping may come across some trouble and need others help some everyone isnt willing to help us just because we are strangers to them,its hard to imagine what our world will be like.

However,some are afraid that helping others can sometimes bring us we are just misunderstood and even have to pay the cost of kindness.

In my opinion,we should try our best to help others when they are in need of help,but we should also protect ourselves from getting into everyone tries a little kindness,our world will be full of love.

中考高分英语作文典范 第7篇

The cartoon aims at informing us of the significance of our dreams/objectives. Definitely, no once can deny the importance of it. Our dreams/goals/ideals/objectives will prevent us from quitting easily especially when we are in great trouble. They will lead us to the destination we are eager to reach, bring out the best in us and stimulate us to remain firm in our faith. To further illustrate the importance of dreams/objectives, I would like to take Helen Keller as a case in point: how could she, a disabled woman who was born blind and deaf, finally be a world-renowned writer who wrote If I Had Three Days to See without her dreams to overcome physical limitations.

Accordingly, at no time should we underestimate the power of dreams/objectives. furthermore, we must set up proper goals before we start to do anything and stick to it whatever difficulties we meet . One of the most dangerous forms of human error is forgetting what one is trying to achieve. Paul Nitze once said.

中考高分英语作文典范 第8篇

Happiness is for everyone. Some students think happiness comes from studying hard at their

lessons. Their parents are always taking good care of their life and their health. They feel happy.

Some students say when they do something wrong, people around them will help them to correct it. They believe this is happiness.

I agree with them. I love my friends congratulating me when I enjoy success. When I do something kind to others, I feel happy, too.

When we think of these things, we realize that happiness is all around us.

中考高分英语作文典范 第9篇

Today, when I went shopping with my friends, we found an interesting shop. The shop sold all kinds of postcards, then I saw the words of writing a letter to ten year’s me. I was so curious, I never heard about it before, so I asked the boss was it possible to do this.

The boss said they would keep the letter for the customers until the day to send the postcard. I was so excited, I decided to write a letter to the future me. I wrote the encouraging words, so when I see the letter in the future, I would have the good mood. I am so looking forward to getting the letter in the future.

中考高分英语作文典范 第10篇

This is my summer vacation. I intend to finish the operation. Then, take a look at China's famous novel. Look at some day. Of course, also want to play with the computer, watch TV. Early every morning to get up and running to run, do other sports. But it is conducive to our body! But one thing should not be forgotten. must help parents do the housework! My holiday arrangements like? something good? give suggestions?

中考高分英语作文典范 第11篇

Qing Ming is a time to remember the dead and the dearly departed. More imnt, it is a period to honour and to pay respect to one's deceased ancestors anily members. Because it reinforces the ethic of filial piety, Qing Ming is a majornese festival.

Literally meaning _clear_ (Qing) and _bright_ (Ming), this Chinese festival falls rly spring, on the 106th day after the winter solstice.

It is a _spring_ festival, ans an occasion for the whole family to leave the home and to sweep the gravesheir forebears. Chinese being practical people this sweeping of the graves is gin extended period, that is, 10 days before and after Qing Ming day. Among soalect groups a whole month is allocated.

中考高分英语作文典范 第12篇

Growing up heathily is our duty. Every one of us should try our best to keepourselves healthy.

First of all, keep a balanced diet. We should eat a lot of vegetables and fruitevery day. Don’t eat junk food. Drink water instead of , get enough sleep and enough exercise. Early to bed and early torise help a lot to our health. Try to sleep eight or nine hours every night. Try toexercise every day or at least two or three times a week and relax ourselvesby listening to light music.

Besides the physical health, we also need friendship. We should try to getalong well with people around us. We can share our problems and happiness withthem. And we should often municate with our parents and teachers.

Communication plays an important part in our healthy lifestyle and municating well with others can help us grow up healthily.

中考高分英语作文典范 第13篇



Dear Li Mei,

I'm sorry to hear that you have too much pressure and don't sleep well at night.

Your parents want you to get good grades,so they send you to all kinds of after-school clubs including language learning, music, math classes and so on. And you really don't know what to do.

I think your parents really love you and they hope you have a wonderful future. If you feel uncomfortable, there are many things you can do. You could talk about it with your parents. You should tell them that kids need more free time to relax. At the same time, you should study hard and try your best to get good grades.

Best wishes!



中考高分英语作文典范 第14篇

As a saying goes,_Where there is a will, there is a way_.

All the people in the earth spend their life on many kinds of item,such as family,friendship,career and so we will rush into trouble when going for seem to walk into a forest as we are lost and go without a accurate then we get down,be need the passion of our we lack in to overcome hardship is a willing heart,which helps us build up confidence and light our way to the beautiful future.

With a wll,a beggar can become a a will,nothing could stop a determined man stepping all have a goal,and we were born for it,a pure and wonderful is the movitation of our if we hold a will are we able to face a storm and expect for a sunny it is never too late to keep a wll.

中考高分英语作文典范 第15篇

In the world of detective novels, Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly the most famous one. But for me, the greatest detective in novels is Hercule Poirot, a little Belgian who always uses his little grey cells to find the truth.

I really appreciate him for various reasons, such as his having an insight into other people's psychology, his understanding on hunman nature and his being merciful. But most improtant thing is that he looks more like a real human being, compared with Holmes or other legend detectives. He has such a funny appearance, an egg-shaped head and exaggerated moustache . He enjoys delicious cuisine and focuses on his own dressing. He is always humor and likes to mock himself. he prefers to stay with young peole for being attracted by their vigor and energy. And there are still so many lovely features of him I can list.

Anyway, I like him and appreciate him. I always get touched by the philosophy of life in his storys. Hercule Poirot is indeed my favourite detective.

中考高分英语作文典范 第16篇

I decided to be a middle teacher after college. There are many reasons contribute to this decision.

Firstly, when I was a little/boy, I have been dreaming of being a teacher. It seemed so fascinate to me and I hope I can make my dream come true.

And, I like so much to be with middle school students. Most of the students at that age are full of youthful spirity and I am sure their passion would pass to me. I will retain all the zest of adolescence.

The most important reason is that our country needs plenty of teachers. So far, teaching is considered a tough and low-income job in China. However, if we have not enough teachers, our future will lack of excellent scientist, managers, businessmen, soldiers and even goood workers and farmers. How can our country to be strong and wealthy? I wish my country to be a better one. I am ready to be a teacher and hope all the persons with lofty ideals may dedicate themselves to this meaningful career.

中考高分英语作文典范 第17篇

sport plays an important role in our daily life. most of us begin our day with some kind of exercise or sport. athletics is part of our university curriculum. many students play on either the departmental or university sports team after a hard day of class.

some people take sports far too seriously. some people are only interested in how their favourite sports team does: they don't care much about their country or the rest of the world. these people often get into fights if their team loses.

when i have time for sports there is one that i like more than any other. i find bas ketball both a physical and a mental challenge. runing, jumping, and shooting, are also enjoyable and healthful sports.

中考高分英语作文典范 第18篇






中考高分英语作文典范 第19篇

My name is Lily, a Grade eight student. I like my school life very much because it’s really enjoyable. In school, I spent the time with my lovely classmates and teachers. They all help me a lot with my study and life.


I have six courses each day from Monday to Friday and forty minutes each. The courses I learn in school are Chinese, mathematics, English, geography, sports and so on. I like Englishmost because it’s very interesting and my teacher is so lovely and kind. In one word, my school life makes me happy and I learn a lot in school.


中考高分英语作文典范 第20篇

Today is a rainy day and it’s cold with thetemperature of 5℃. There are only a few people onthe street and they all wear thick down coats andboots. They walk quickly and seem to go somewhereto escape from cold.


It has been cold for a very long time and this winteris colder than ever, but I like it very much because Iwas born in winter. Besides, in my oppion, only the coldness makes a real winter.


中考高分英语作文典范 第21篇

假如你是李明,你的笔友Mary写信告诉你她的烦恼:她迷恋上了一位香港歌星,寄了几百封信和电子邮件, 甚至做梦都遇见他……



Dear Mary,

Everyone has his favorite stars and there's nothing wrong with that. I understand you. But I don't think what you do is right because you are a student.

You shouldn't lose yourself. You had better read more interesting books and have more activities in you free time. You should stop writing to him and listening to his songs. You may also tell your problem to your parents or teachers. I'm sure they will help you. You should study hard at your lessons and get ready for your future. Your future is in your hands.

Best wishes!


Li Ming

中考高分英语作文典范 第22篇

Is a lovely girl, her innocence is the origin of our happy, brings us her happy smile.

Her name is li zhang, her eyes wide, mouth like a cherry, very lovely, long hair, she is good at jumping rope, run, jump, etc...

She's good at her grades in school, take the first every time, once dropped her grades, was beaten by her mother and father, the next day I went to school found that she didn't come to school.

I came to her she's at home, a corner to cry, I used to have a look at her'll hurt all over, I asked her, _what's wrong with you._ She said to me: _mom hit me, I good sad, she is the first hit me._

I was angry for her mother said: _she's your daughter, even if she is bad to also can not call her again._ Her mother said: _I'm sorry, daughter, mother is wrong, please let we trust._ Li sent zhang said: mom, I would like to challenge you.

This is my friend, my good friend forever.







中考高分英语作文典范 第23篇

Every Friday afternoon, the second class is a weekly meeting. Today is no exception. When the bell rings, the teacher comes in with a stack of diary books. I don't know what other students think, but I am very confused. Can I add another point to my diary this time.

First of all, the teacher praised the good students in one week, and reduced the bad students by one point. Next, the teacher divided the diary into two stacks: the good ones and the bad ones. I was a good writer. When my classmates applauded me and the teacher gave me the extra points, I couldn't help laughing, but I could not help it.

Zhou Hui is really interesting. I'll take my composition to a higher level in the future, and let the teacher give me more points.

中考高分英语作文典范 第24篇

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Heyuan, now let me introduce our city — Heyuan to you. Heyuan is a city with a long history. It is in the northeast of Guangdong and 198 kilometres away from Guangzhou. It has a population of 3,240,000.

There are many places of interest in Heyuan, such as Sujiawei Wanlu Lake and so on. Wanlu Lake is a beautiful place. The water is clean and not polluted. There are all kinds of fish in it. You can go boating, go fishing and have a picnic there. It is really a good place to spend your holiday. Besides, you can go and visit Heyuan Museum. There you can see a lot of dinosaur egg fossils.

I hope you can enjoy yourselves in Heyuan.

中考高分英语作文典范 第25篇

The Senior High School Entrance Examination is coming. In order to make a success in the exam I think it’s high time for us to relax a little. Or we’ll be too nervous to work well in the exam.

In order to relax ourselves, we can turn to some of our hobbies, different students have different ways --- Some watch TV, some listen to music… But for me I enjoy taking exercise most. Whenever I feel tired, I always spend an hour (in) walking or jogging in the park. Besides, I also play table tennis with my friends after class. In my opinion, taking exercise can not only rest our brains and eyes but also help build our bodies. I think it’s really helpful to both my health and my study. I hope all of my classmates can join me in getting relaxed. I wish you all every success in the coming examination

中考高分英语作文典范 第26篇

Myfavorite building is Zhuhai Fishing Girl, which is located at the scenicXianglu Bay, in Haibin Park. The statue is composed of granite and stands high, weighing 10 tons. It was built by a professor called Panhe fromGuangzhou Art College in 1982. Now it has become the landmark of Zhuhai. Itlooks so glorious.

Look, she holds a pearl highly in the air with both of herhands in an elegant pose, as if she is greeting the guests from also symbolizes the brightness of Zhuhai. Every year, thousands of peoplecome to see it with their own eyes.

If you travel to Zhuhai, I'd love to showyou around there. Maybe you'll have a nice time.

中考高分英语作文典范 第27篇

Many people could gain freedom by tobacco, but some people said that it should be illegal as the same function as another drug. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowhere in the world has the issue of tobacco been so much debated as in our society. Nowadays, tobacco is more harmful than drug to people’s health, therefore many people think that smoking is legal that is a direct and primary reason to induce this kind of problem. The above point is certainly true; this essay will outline three reasons.

The main reason is that tobacco is a silent killer to smokers. Tobacco is known to be the probable cause of some 25 different diseases, and for some, such as lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema, it is the main cause. According to a WHO report four million people die yearly from tobacco-related diseases, that is one death every eight seconds. Tobacco is significantly becoming a greater cause of death and disability than any other single cause.

Another reason is that more and more young people are under 18 years old who smoke cigarette have been blinded by the deceit of tobacconists. Tobacco among adolescents remains stubbornly persistent. Smoking among adolescents rose in the 1990s in several developed countries,such as China, Vietnam and Thailand . While new markets are being opened by the tobacco industry actions, old markets have not been closed. Tobacco is a global threat.

Last but not the least reason is the increase in cigarette smuggling. Because of tobacco smuggling, the legal retailing and distribution systems are badly affected, and faced with increased lawlessness and heavy tax losses. This behavior severely affects the economy.

In conclusion, the tobacco should be considered illegal. Perhaps a pack of cigarettes is less harmful than another drug, but tobacco is actually the biggest killer of all the drugs.

中考高分英语作文典范 第28篇

Today,I’ll talk about going online. We know thatthere are too many net-bars (网吧) around us. The Internet can make our lives interesting and of us like going online very much because we can learn how to usethe puter and get more information from the Internet. We can learn can read some good newspapers and magazines. It can make us cleverthrough playing puter games. I can sende-mails to our friends quickly. We can chatonline with our friends. It can help us get in touch with (取得联系) people from all over the world, but unfortunately the government doesn’t allow munication with many people.

But some students spend too much time playing puter games and some stay in net bars all day and all a result, they do worse and worse in their lessons andthey don’t study well any more. I think we shouldn’t goonline when it is time for us to study. We can do it in summer or winterholidays.

中考高分英语作文典范 第29篇






中考高分英语作文典范 第30篇




参考词汇:top student优等生;handwriting笔迹;full marks满分


we had an exam yesterday and now the papers are being handed out. There’s a paper without a name on it and that student got full marks.

Whom can it belong to? It can’t be a boy’s, because none of them in class can be so good and tidy. The paper must belong to a girl because its handwriting is very tidy. There are only three girls who are good at handwriting — Rose, Mary and Lucy. It might belong to Rose, but I’m not sure because she is not so good at English.

It can’t be Mary’s. Although she is a top student in English, she has already had hers in hand. So it must belong to Lucy. Today she is ill at home and she does well in English, too. Well, it must belong to her.

中考高分英语作文典范 第31篇

Nowadays, working overtime is so common in many companies, especially in foreign companies, private companies, and joint ventures. As far as I am concerned, there are two main reasons of working overtime. For one thing, there is indeed too much work to do.

If it is so, the boss should compensate staffs by paying them as overtime salary or giving them vacations. For another, some staffs are not suitable for their positions. In that case, the boss ought to help them to improve their working efficiency. If they are still not qualified, boss may change the positions for them, or to the worst, dismiss them. That's all what I think about working overtime.

中考高分英语作文典范 第32篇

Health is ver iprtant t shuld be u want t be health,u shuld have enugh exercise,eat health fd and have a gd used t watch a lt f TV ever nw I dn't wacth uch TV an exercise 's wh I' ver health.

中考高分英语作文典范 第33篇

My name is Li Hua. I am from a workers family. There are six people in my family. They are my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, my mother, my sister and I.

Every member in my family works for his or her own trade①. My grandfather and grandmother are peasants. They do farm work every day in my hometown. My father is a senior engineer. He is now working in Africa, helping to build a power station. My mother is a teacher. She teaches English in a middle school. My sister, five years older than I, is a doctor in the Peoples Hospital of our county. She loves her work and does it well. I am a middle school is my family. All the members in my family live in harmony.

中考高分英语作文典范 第34篇

Last weekend, I helped my grandparents their trip to Beidaihe.

On Saturday morning, together with my grandparents, I searched the Internet for the train schedule, the weather in Beidaihe, and some hotel information. In the afternoon, I went to the train station and managed to buy two tickets for my grandparents although there was a long queue. After dinner, I packed into the suitcase the things my grandparents need, such as clothes, glasses, an umbrella, and a map.

The next morning, I went to the station to see them off. Waving goodbye to them on the platform, I felt happy for them and myself and wished them a safe journey.

中考高分英语作文典范 第35篇


1.三清山国家公园位于江西省东北部,是国家级风景名胜区,景区总面积达756余平方公里;2.三清山公园最高峰海拔高度为1,817 米,游览区共包含7个景区;3.三清山以峰险,石奇,水秀等自然景观闻名。4.景区森林覆盖面积达80%以上,交通便利,居住方便,每年吸引大量国内外游客。

Mount Sanqing Shan National Park lies in the northeast of Jiangxi Province and is one of the most famous scenic areas in our country. It covers an area of more than 756 square kilometers. And it is divided into7 scenic areas. The highest mountain peak is 1,817 meters above sea level. More than 80 percent of it is covered with trees. The natural scenery is very beautiful. If you go there, you may enjoy the perilous peaks , the strange stones and the clear water. Both the traffic and accommodation there are very convenient. Every year millions of tourists from home and abroad come to Mount Sanqing Shan National park for a visit.

Welcome to Mount SanqingShan National Park.

中考高分英语作文典范 第36篇

IT snowed heavily last week in northern China. Big snows fell on Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Ningxia and Xinjiang. For many cities, it was the biggest snowfall in 50 years. The snow made traveling hard. Many schools had to close for days.

Jia Aizhen, 14, lives in Taiyuan, Shanxi. She should have a mid-term test on Wednesday. Because of the snow, they had the test on Sunday instead.

It was good because we had more time to review our lessons, said Jia. She enjoyed the snow. It was as deep as 15cm and came to halfway up her leg. I felt peaceful and relaxed to see the white snowy world.

Kang Xinyi, 13, and Wang Danyang, 13, are classmates at Shijiazhuang No 43 Middle School in Hebei. Their school stopped on Wednesday. Kang said the snow in the yard was as deep as 40cm.

It was so good we didnt have to go to school! said Kang. Kang, Wang and another friend had a snowball fight and made snowmen. They also helped clear snow off the roads.

I never saw such a big snow, said Wang. Last year we only made a small snow panda, but this year our snowman is as tall as 1 meter!

If the snow didnt make trouble for traffic, we would hope it would never stop! said the girls.

中考高分英语作文典范 第37篇

你们班下周要进行英语演讲比赛, 主题是My life in 20 years,请你写一篇短文, 畅想一下二十年后的生活, 包括学习、工作、居住环境、生活等的变化。


My life in 20 years

In 20 years, I think I will be a tour guide because I like to travel.

As a tour guide, I will go to different places of interest and meet a lot of tourists. I will learn several kinds of foreign languages because I will meet tourists from different countries. I will live in Yongchuan. Because it's a beautiful city. And I will also get married. I will have a beautiful wife and two children. I love the nature, so I will go hiking with my family.

I'm sure my life will be very wonderful in the future.