支教的现象和意义作文 第1篇

Aid Education in China Each year, college students, encouraged to aid students in the poverty-stricken areas, volunteer themselves in poor villages for a year and try to improve education in poor areas. Aid-education has been beneficial in two aspects. On the one hand, college volunteers are really devoted to the cause. They have opened the eyes of students in underdeveloped regions to the outside world by bringing them new knowledge and thoughts. As a result, they are extremely well-received by the children there. On the other hand, college students have received a rigorous training by adapting to the harsh living conditions. They are enjoying the appreciation and no-distance friendship from the children. Whats more, they are greatly inspired by the moving and tireless spirit of the children. In my opinion, Chinas educational development cant be isolated from each individual and we college students should take the lead in response to the appeal for offering aid to children in poor areas.

支教的现象和意义作文 第2篇


1. 支教的现象 2. 支教的意义 3. 你的观点


Aid Education in China

There has been a hot topic recently about college students’ being encouraged to help children in the poor and remote areas.

Generally aid-education is helpful in two aspects. First of all, it can broaden volunteers’ horizons in poverty-stricken regions. For instance, it is a golden opportunity for volunteers to experience a completely different life. In addition, college students have to adapt themselves to the harsh living conditions, meanwhile they can make friends with the children.

In my view, the future of China’s education depends on the joint efforts of the society, the government and all the citizens. To sum up, we college students should take the initiative in response to the appeal for supplying help to children in poor regions.

支教的现象和意义作文 第3篇

Some people think that in some cities could not find a good professional people will go to work in the western region, we proved them wrong, most of the people who work in the west have previously enviable career, because of their motherland and the development of the western region Need for qualified personnel, did not hesitate to quit their jobs and took west into the construction of the motherland. I once read an article in this way: A major cities in the work of the outstanding English teachers, to give up the excellent work of the treatment and living conditions in Xinjiang to join the application, he was in town to teach junior high teams, the school had no English Teachers, so that the arrival of his school's English classes start again. Two years later, he not only decided to continue his stay here, will also receive their own family in Xinjiang. His son grow up, here is when a teacher from generation to generation so as to Xinjiang to do a little of their own forces. I was full of respect for teachers in the text, he is like the Gobi Desert on poplar, where it is needed, where it will quickly take root and grow the sturdy branches. No matter wind or rain and snow encountered, regardleof drought or floods encountered, it is always so strong, unwavering.

有些人认为,一定是在城市里找不着好职业的人才会去西部工作,可事实证明他们错了,大部分在西部工作的人以前都有令人羡慕的职业,他们是因为祖国的西部开发需要人才,才毫不犹豫地辞去工作,毅然西行,投入到祖国的建设中。 我就曾经读过这样一篇文章:一位在大城市工作的优秀英语教师,放弃了优厚的工作待遇和生活条件,报名投身新疆,他被安排在镇初级中学支教,这个学校原先没有英语教师,他的到来使这个学校的英语课再次开课。两年以后,他不但决定自己继续留在这里,还将自己的家人都接到新疆。他的.儿子长大后,也在这儿当了一名教师,就这样一代一代地为新疆尽着自己的一份微薄力量。我非常敬佩文中的教师,他就像戈壁滩上的白杨树,哪儿需要它,它就在哪儿很快地生根发芽,长出粗壮的枝干。不管遇到风沙还是雨雪,不管遇到干旱还是洪水,它总是那么坚强,从不动摇。

支教的现象和意义作文 第4篇

As we all know, volunteering has a meaningful and positive impact on the community you serve and the people you help. In the meanwhile, it can have many benefits for you, too. In my opinion, there are two reasons to

volunteer: feel good about yourself while helping others; build your portfolio.

On one hand, volunteering makes you feel good about yourself on a purely selfish level. There are few things more satisfying than helping people. Hammering nails on a new home while the owner beams with pride right next to you is an amazing feeling. Walking or running to raise funds for a cause close to your heart helps to give you a sense of purpose and helps you realize just how lucky you are. As a volunteer, you will gain new perspective, for it’s so easy for us all to get a little too wrapped up in our own lives. On the other hand, from a professional standpoint, volunteering is a great way to add to your portfolio. From press releases to design pieces, from public speaking to fundraising,

you will have the opportunity to build your portfolio. This is especially beneficial for students or young professionals, although all of us should continually work on building our portfolios.

Apart from the benefits of building up your confidence and making your portfolio better, there are probably many other benefits you will find in your volunteer work. So it is time for you to participate in more volunteer work to help others as well as help yourselves.

支教的现象和意义作文 第5篇

Volunteer Teaching in the West

In recent years, college students are encouraged to help students with their study in rural China. They have been doing their utmost to impart knowledge and offering help to those students who want to learn eagerly.

The volunteer teaching is beneficial in the following two aspects. On one hand, college volunteers are really devoted themselves to the teaching and they take an active role in developing teaching materials and organizing classes. They help to widen the horizon of students in underdeveloped regions and impart them new knowledge and thoughts. As a result, they are extremely welcome and respected by the children there. On the other hand, by adapting themselves to the hard living conditions, college students can learn how to deal with difficulties and face challenges as well. Whats more, the volunteer experience will always be a valuable treasure in his or her life.

In my opinion, every Chinese citizen is responsible for the development of education in china. Furthermore, college students should take the lead in response to the appeal for offering aid to children in remote areas.

支教的现象和意义作文 第6篇

Every year, college students are inspired to teach in the poor countries of China during the vacation. More and more students are interested in this activity and they join the team. Aid education has been the long-term policy to help the poor children and students gain the precious experience.


Aid education has been advocated by the government many years ago and it is a good choice for college student to response to the policy. On the one hand, they can experience the different lifestyle. Most college students don’t know about the life in the poor area, and they just hear it in the news report, but they never have the chance to experience. When they live there for a while, they will learn to cherish what they have and appreciate what life endows to them. On the other hand, they can make many friends. As a teacher, the students are also their friends. What’s more, they can recognize many teachers who come to do the aid education job. Talking to these people will open our minds, which is the great fortune.


Aid education in the countries is such a good experience before students go to work. It deserves to be done.